5 Museums you should visit in Thessaloniki

The museums in the Greek city of Thessaloniki are evidence of its illustrious past and vibrant present. There are various museums in the second largest city of Greece, each of which highlights a particular period in the history of the city. In this article, we will answer the question “Which 5 Museums you should visit in Thessaloniki?”.


The 5 Museums in Thessaloniki that you shouldn’t miss

The museums of Thessaloniki offer visitors a unique glimpse into the city’s rich history and cultural heritage. From the ancient Greek period to the Byzantine era and beyond, the museum’s collections span centuries of history and provide a wealth of information and insight into the city’s past. Whether you are interested in art, music, or history, Thessaloniki’s museums have something to offer for every personality and  interest.


1) Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki is the most well-known museum in the city and is a must-visit for anyone interested in ancient Greek history. The museum was founded in 1912 and is housed in a neoclassical building designed by the architect Patroklos Karantinos. The museum’s collection spans from the prehistoric era to the late Roman period and includes artifacts from the city of Thessaloniki and its surrounding regions. The museum’s most famous exhibit is the Derveni Papyrus, a philosophical text from the 4th century BC, which is considered one of the most important discoveries of the 20th century.


2) Museum of Byzantine Culture

The Museum of Byzantine Culture is another must-visit museum in Thessaloniki. The museum is dedicated to the Byzantine period of Thessaloniki’s history and its collection includes artifacts from the 4th to the 15th century AD. The museum’s exhibits are arranged thematically, with each gallery focusing on a different aspect of Byzantine culture such as religion, art, and daily life. The museum’s collection includes mosaics, frescoes, icons, and other decorative arts, providing visitors with a glimpse into the rich artistic tradition of the Byzantine Empire.


3) Museum of Ancient Greek, Byzantine, and Post-Byzantine Musical Instruments

The Museum of Ancient Greek, Byzantine, and Post-Byzantine Musical Instruments is a unique museum in Thessaloniki, dedicated to the history of music in Greece. The museum’s collection includes ancient Greek instruments such as the lyre and the aulos, as well as Byzantine and post-Byzantine instruments such as the lute and the tambourine. Visitors can learn about the history and evolution of music in Greece through interactive exhibits and multimedia presentations.


4) Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki is another important museum in the city, dedicated to the history of the Jewish community in Thessaloniki. The museum’s collection includes artifacts such as documents, photographs, and personal items from the city’s Jewish residents, many of whom were deported to concentration camps during World War II. The museum serves as a reminder of the tragic history of the Jewish community in Thessaloniki and its importance in the city’s cultural heritage.


5) Atatürk Museum

The Atatürk Museum is a small museum dedicated to the founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. The museum is housed in the building where Atatürk stayed during his visit to Thessaloniki in 1930 which is now the Turkish embassy in Thessaloniki. The museum’s collection includes personal items, photographs and documents related to Atatürk’s life and legacy.


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