Are you a travel agency that operates in Thessaloniki, Halkidiki and Northern Greece in general? Are you looking for a reliable partner who will undertake the transportation of your clients? Then you are in the right place! Elite Transfer undertakes every transfer responsibly and guarantees that you offer a pleasant transportation experience to your clients!

A company definitely wants to keep happy with all the human resources that are related to it. What should you do if you want to serve your staff for their daily commute to work or a domestic or international partner with a single transfer to your offices? Of course, choose Elite Transfer! This way you will be sure that you will have offered the best possible service!

Comfort and constistency

The professionalism of our staff in combination with the luxury vehicles we have, guarantee you safety, comfort and consistency, satisfying even the most demanding. Do not hesitate to contact us, as Elite Transfer undertakes any corporate move you wish, within and outside Thessaloniki!

Protection from Covid-19

Elite Transfer protects you from Covid-19 by disinfecting vehicles daily, providing antiseptic wipes and observing all anti-virus protection measures.

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