If you are looking to see something unique but also to relax then Edessa and Loutra Pozar are the ideal destination for you. In Edessa you will enjoy the wonderful waterfalls and in the Pozar Baths the thermal waters!

Edessa is located 95 km away from Thessaloniki and is the capital of the prefecture of Pella. Its name has a Phrygian origin and means “Tower in the water”. The city is built on a hill and along its entire length flows the river Edessaios or Voda. The river, together with its seven tributaries, creates wonderful green landscapes, while the small and large bridges give reasons for endless walks.

Most important Sights

Waterfall Park

The waterfall park is located in the center of the city and is a stunning green area with cobbled streets, stone bridges, waterfalls and awesome views. The waterfalls of Edessa are the largest in the Balkans. The most imposing is Karanos that falls from 70 meters. Behind Karanos is the cave of the waterfalls, with a vaulted roof, stalagmites and stalactites as well as a stone bridge from which you can see the whole plain through the waters of the waterfall. A little further down is the Lambda waterfall, with the water falling and ending in two lakes.

Outdoor Water Museum

The Outdoor Water Museum is located in the traditional district "Miloi" right next to the waterfall park. The old industrial zone of the city was developed there. The abundance of water in combination with the strong soil slopes of the area, made it possible to exploit the hydro kinesis for energy production. Six hydropower plants were installed in the area and contributed to the industrial development and the designation of Edessa as "the Manchester of the East".

Traditional district of Varosi

Varosi is the only nucleus that has been saved from the historic center of Edessa. It is located next to the Outdoor Water Museum and is one of the three Christian districts of the city during the Turkish occupation. The colored houses and mansions with the Macedonian architecture, give a picture of the old city. Fascinating is a walk on the cobbled and traditional streets while at the edge of the district is the area of ​​Psilos Vrachos overlooking the colorful valleys of Edessa and Pella.

Loutra Pozar is located in the village of Loutraki, just 33 km away from Edessa and is the ideal place for those who want to relax, rest and get closer to nature. The lush vegetation, the tall centuries-old trees, the steep slopes, the big rocks, the rivers, the waterfalls and the bridges create a magnificent landscape.

The area is known since ancient times for the thermal action of its waters that originate from the depths of the mountain and have a constant temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. The water in Loutra comes from the natural cycle of rain water and reaches a very great depth resulting in heating. As it gushes from the depth of the earth, it is enriched with all the thermal elements of the soil.

Visitors use the thermal waters for bath therapy, toning, relaxation and fight against circulatory, respiratory, rheumatic, gynecological and dermatological diseases. Drinking thermal water is recommended for specific diseases of the kidneys, bile, intestines and stomach and should always be done on the advice of a doctor.

At the hydrotherapy center you will find outdoor pools, indoor pools, private pools with artificial waterfalls, jacuzzi, spa, saunas and Turkish bath. In all facilities, water is constantly channeled and recycled and all hygiene rules are strictly observed.

Elite Transfer Services

Elite Transfer undertakes your transfer from Thessaloniki to Edessa and Loutra Pozar as well as your return. Our vehicles (Mercedes-Benz) are state-of-the-art, spacious, air-conditioned and with comfortable seats, so that your trip is comfortable and relaxing. Our staff has many years of experience, is always willing to serve you and guarantees you a safe and pleasant trip.

Useful information

  • If you wish, you can drink coffee overlooking the waterfalls in Edessa.
  • In Loutraki as well as in the traditional village of Orma, there are restaurants with very good food in case you want to dine
  • For the indoor pools of Loutra it is good to make a reservation
  • The duration of each indoor pool appointment is 30 minutes
  • There are locker rooms in Loutra Pozar
  • It will be good to have your own towels and slippers

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