Are you in Thessaloniki and want to see something unique that you will never see again in your life? Then you should visit Meteora, a spectacle that is truly breathtaking.

Meteora is a rare geological phenomenon. More specifically, it is a complex of imposing dark rocks and is located in Thessaly, in the village of Kalampaka (about 2.5 hours away from Thessaloniki). Meteora is also of strong religious interest, as on its rocks exists the second most important monastic ensemble in Greece (after Mount Athos). In 1988 Meteora were included in the List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

When someone arrives in Kalambaka, he notices from below the imposing rocks rising up to 534 meters. The truly dazzling landscape, however, is encountered when going up to Meteora and seeing up close the sacred rocks, the monasteries, the vegetation and the incredible view of Kalambaka and the Thessalian plain. Every visitor is stunned and wants to photograph this geological phenomenon of rare beauty. It is no coincidence that every year millions of visitors come from all over the world to see Meteora!

The wild and inaccessible natural landscape was a suitable place for the Christian ascetics who settled in the area in a date that is not exactly known. Initially the ascetics lived in caves of the rocks. The name Meteora is due to Agios Athanasios the Meteorite, founder of the monastery of the Transfiguration of the Savior (Great Meteora), who named the "wide stone" to which he climbed for the first time in 1344 as “Meteoro”. A total of 24 monasteries were built, of which today 6 are restored and accessible, while treasures, heirlooms and many small works of art have been saved.

The largest, most important and imposing monastery is the Great Meteora or Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Savior located at the highest point of Meteora. The second largest monastery is the Monastery of All Saints or Barlaam. The other monasteries to be visited are the male Monastery of Agios Nikolaos of Asmenos or Anapafsas, the Monastery of Rousanos or Arsani, the Monastery of Agia Triados and the nunnery of Agios Stefanos.

Elite Transfer Services

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Useful information

  • The monasteries are not open all days and hours of the week but have a specific schedule for which we can inform you.
  • The monasteries have strict dress code. Men wearing a sleeveless blouse and shorts are not allowed to enter. Women should wear a long skirt and a blouse with covered shoulders. Skirts and handkerchiefs for borrowing are provided at the entrance of each monastery.
  • The trip from Thessaloniki to Meteora (and opposite) is long, so stops can be made at your request to the driver.
  • If you wish, it is possible to dine in the excellent restaurants in Kalampaka or Kastraki overlooking Meteora!

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